The hip hop veteran gave Melle Mel some tips on how he could have made his Eminem diss better, but personally, Warren G refuses to get involved because he loves them both.

The G-Funk pioneer, Warren G has been a massive figure on the West Coast hip hip scene since the early 1990s. When he speaks — people listen, and his latest appearance on the Drink Champs episode was not an exception.

While some of Warren G’s responses surprised hosts. Or they pretended to be surprised, who knows. For instance, when choosing between The Game and Eminem, the rap legend picked Em, DJ EFN faked disbelieve reconfirming, “Really?!”. Yes, really. And besides Marshall’s commercial success, Warren G values his lyrical ability, his talent to speak in many voices just as convincing as if they were coming from his own heart. To [rove the point, the West Coast artist used one of his favourite songs, “The Watcher”, the first track on Dr. Dre’s second album, “2001”, written by Marshall.

Eminem is dope. I ain’t saying Game ain’t dope but Eminem is…You gotta look at what motherfuker wrote. “Things just ain’t the same for gangstas”. He wrote that. That’s one of my favorite fucking songs. For Dre! How the fuck can you write this for this nigga and the shit sound like it’s him. And then the motherfucker went diamond plus. Diamond plus and all that shit. He’s talented. I ain’t taking shit from Game, Game is dope too. But it’s different. [Eminem] says he’s a student. The Game is a student of the game too. It’s just, Eminem… I promise you, that motherfucker wrote that shit like he was inside Dre’s body, in his head. That sht was so mothefucking hard! So, when you asked me that, I had to five it to him on that one. Because that shit was dope.

Then, Charlemagne Tha God took the conversation to a new direction, jokingly exclaiming, “Em, please, forgive Melle Mel! Melle Mel sends you an apology”. Warren G, though, quickly reacted to the change of subject emotionally sharing his thoughts about latest track Melle Mel recorded to diss Eminem in response to Em’s verse on Ez Mil’s single “Realest”. Melle Mel’s attempt left many hip hop stars embarrassed on behalf of the hip hop legend, and Warren G was one of those who could not praise the song. But he thinks Melle Mel had a chance to make a better shot:

I guarantee, everybody would’ve been more, “okay, wait a minute now” if he did his diss over “The Message”, doing his shit back than. And people would be probably like, oh shit, wait a minute. But the record he did was like… Nigga, you were doing some shit way back in that era. I ain’t dissing it, but he should’ve grabbed one of these young motherfucking producers and got on their shit. Don’t get me wrong, Melle Mel is my nigga, I love Melle Mel. That’s OG and everything. But he should’ve doneiot over a different type of music and made it more simpler. He went super old school with it. And he should have just came up to this era and get down on this type of shit. That shit might have opened up a whole lane for you with these young niggas! Do some buzz over their shit. Rhyming like he rhymes. He knows how to write. So, you take your time with it and be simple with it and just break that shit down. You know, Melle Mel is my nigga but he probably should’ve taken a different beat, more up to the era where the young crowd gravitate and listen.

Charlemagne Tha God asked Warren G directly, “If Melle Mel hit you and said, “I need a beat to this Eminem one”, would you give him? Are you answering the text?” But te G-funk star is not going to get involved in this:

I couldn’t get in it. I wouldn’t get in nobody’s mix. That’s just how I am. I wouldn’t get in nobody’s mix because I love both of them. Just musically he could have come a little better.

Watch the video below:

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