Eagerly anticipated Royce’s new release is out and it is all that we expected and more.

“The Allegory” signifies a gigantic step in the rapper’s career both lyrically and musically. On the lyrical level, he fearlessly tackles the topics that are not always in the focus of attention – he talks politics and mental health, economy and race, the American dream that turned out to be a dirty trick and African past that is still preserved despite the attempts to steal and corrupt it.

At the same time musically and present Royce as a daring producer, mixing jazzy dreamy arpeggios and tribal drum beats, bouncy basslines and detailed soundscapes, convincing verbatim and complex patchwork of featured voices.

The voices involved in the production include, but are not limited to, Eminem, all three members of Griselda, Kid Vishis, YBN Cordae, White Gold and Ashley Sorrell.

Challenging, honest, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes brutal but at the end of the day uplifting, this album might be the most accomplished record Royce da 5’9” has ever released.

Listen to the album below:

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