Recently, a video emerged showcasing the iconic actor Sylvester Stallone blasting the song “Asshole” by Eminem for his daughter Sophia.

Although the video appeared on Twitter and Reddit simultaneously, many speculate that it was actually recorded in 2019. It is certainly not recent, as lately Sylvester Stallone has been sporting a distinct goatee. For those who follow the Stallone family, whether through his daugthers Sophia and Sistine’s podcast “Unwaxed” or the new reality show “The Family Stallone” on Paramount+, the familial dynamics in the video will feel familiar.

The brief 30-second clip captures Stallone playing Eminem’s “Asshole” featuring Skylar Grey in the car, where he turns to Sophia Rose and mischievously remarks, “Do you know what I love about this song? It calms me down.” He proceeds to crank up the volume, prompting his daughter to shout over the beat, “I’m feeling really relaxed now!!!”

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