The incredible collaboration between two Shady Records crews is just one more thing that could have happened, but now, probably, never will.

KXNG Crooked disclosed this information answering a question from his follower about the best rap collaboration to have never happened. We know that there are plenty of combinations that the fans would be excited to hear, but that just have never come through.

This one, however, was unlikely to be on anybody’s bingo card. According to Crook, there were plans to put the Buffalo trio and his supergroup on one track:

I don’t know but the joint Slaughterhouse was supposed to do with Griselda is up there

Surprising, yet not impossible, considering that both crews are signed to Shady Records. Or, rather, that WAS not impossible as now Slaughterhouse does not function as a group, and the Griselda MCs are slowly drifting apart, busy with solo projects.

Do you think it would be a good combo?

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