The internet’s been buzzing with speculation about Eminem throwing shade at Jay-Z in his new track “Tobey”. But this talk can be put to rest.

Em dropped his fire new track “Tobey” this week, and while fans were hyped for the collab with Big Sean and Babytron, some lines sparked speculation of a beef with Jay-Z.

The rumours were based on some lines about some Greatest Rappers list:

Ain’t feelin’ your top five favourite rappers
So I know they ’bout to be pissed at me
But this, to me, is a mystery
How rappers I’ve already ripped could be
Higher up on a list than me
Yet here I sit on your list though at five, which still was fine
But just know inside, to me, that shit’s hilarious.

Four names were put above him on the infamous Billboard list that ranked Eminem at No.5: 2Pac, Nas, Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z. We all know Shady is not shy about speaking his mind, but does he talk about anybody in particular on this list?

Royce responded to a direct question about Eminem taking aim at Jay-Z with a firm “Of course not”.

KXNG Crooked chimed in, too, reminding everyone that these “best rapper” lists are more clickbait than gospel.

His point? Eminem’s likely aiming his fire at Billboard’s questionable ranking system, not his fellow MCs. Billboard seems to know it as they reacted quickly to the song with their own story.

What is important now is that Shady’s new album, “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)”, is dropping next week, and “Tobey” is just another fire single to get us hyped. It looks like Em has the industry in the crosshairs, not his friends.

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