Ed Sheeran and Eminem exchanged favours making appearances at each other’s shows, but at least Eminem didn’t try to make Ed seasick.

That much Ed Sheeran revealed in an extensive interview with Canadian excentric media persona Nardwuar. Apparently, he tried to position Em on the same rotating platform Ed uses for his stadium shows:

When I played with Eminem, I tried to get him to get on the revolve. I think it was a bit too much. I’ve been playing on it 100 shows, so I’m sort of used to it, but it’s definitely different for people.

Showing Ed the Eminem magazine collection in the record shop where the interview was set, Nardwuar enquired how difficult it was to get Eminem on stage. The British star revealed that it was not easy even for him, who famously maintains a friendly relationship with Em and shares his passion for collecting audio cassettes:

It was pretty difficult, yeah. I went over to play the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with him. I had basically flown off on a day off. I was shooting 14 music videos back to back, and I had one day off in between. That was the day that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So I got on a plane that night, flew, played, got on a plane that night and then flew back. And he found out that I’ve done that and was like, “Anything you ever need”. And I just said, then and there, I was like, “I’m coming to Detroit, so let’s do that”.

Then Nardwuar jokingly asked Ed if he was worried that Marshall wouldn’t show up. But, of course, it is not a casual situation. It’s nothing like coming to visit somebody over a cup of tea. There are procedures, preparations, and rehearsals. But also, says Ed, in his case, a guest always can bow out and not go on stage:

I was there in Detroit for a couple of days as well. He let me use his studio to record some stuff, so I sort of knew it was going to happen. I gave him the out. Whenever I perform with people, I always say, “You can cancel last minute if you want”, so there’s never any pressure.

You can watch the interview below:

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