The more ground Benzino loses, the more outlandish lies he spews. Now, even Royce felt the need to speak up.

Benzino was so determined to rile Royce da 5’9 up that many started thinking it was because he had a diss prewritten (ghostwritten) for Nickel specifically. But the thing is, Royce had been in this situation one time too many. He was slandered and spat on by Benzino so many times before he voiced his concerns. He tried to dissuade Benzino’s lies, but this enraged bodybuilder just kept running in circles. Royce probably hears Benzino’s passionate tirades as white noise, no more than that.

However, recently, Benzino came up with new allegations amplified by the media. The Source’s former editor has spent Valentine’s Day thinking of Eminem, recording videos about Eminem, and writing about Eminem. One of his posts offered a hint that Benzino had got proof that Eminem doesn’t write his songs himself:

I just got word from an insider in Skittles camp that his boot shiner Royce has wrote many tracks for him, his name is even on the songs he wrote. He’s been getting publishing from them. That’s how he eats.

I finally got the proof I needed, someone in their inner circle (d12) just confirmed it! @royceda59 has 👻’d for your rap god @eminem neither one of them 😼😼 have responded and when they do I will not only release more diss tracks but I will also release the info I have that proves it. So stay tuned Hip Hop it’s about to really crazy.

After that, he humbly declares himself “the king of hip hop” and a “dragonslayer”.

Practically every rapper Benzino mentioned in his diss came up to reaffirm their loyalty to Eminem ad to the truth that is Em’s talent and influence. Icewear Vezzo, Marv Won, Ca$his, Conway The Machine, and even Joe Budden dismissed the idea of ever siding with Benzino. To think that D12 might be more agreeable to go to war against Eminem is a new low, even for Benzino.

And, of course, Royce would never. He responded not to Benzino but to the Diverse Mentality Instagram post with Benzino’s nonsense:

I’m tying to figure out how my name always finds its way into THIS conversation… You getting distracted, Champ.. Focus on the task at hand.. I guess you’re shocking the world right now, so your mind is all over the place .. I understand and I ain’t mad at you. Lemme just clarify 2 things real quick…FIRST: You said “I’m sure when Em is in the studio ROYCE gives him a line here and there” Wrong.. THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.. Not even once… But to each his own…SECOND, I’m not at the crib all day “sitting on my money” nor am I paying attention to everything to “Keep up with what’s hot”.. WTF, Do I look like to trying to relate to rappers my son’s age? Hanging out with them at parties and all that… Man.. I hate what this Culture does to our elders…Smh… Rooting this guy on knowing He shouldn’t be this excited about this. He helped create the Source … Goof up the rest of your legacy without me my Bruddah.. I’m good…

And goof up Benzino will. It doesn’t look he is good at anything else.

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