“I’m 29 too!” shouts Eminem, sending congrats to Bushman and his show that has become the Detroit cultural institution.

The programme host shared a video that Marshall sent him to celebrate the show’s 29th anniversary. In the video, Eminem says:

Bushy, whaddup? Happy 29th anniversary, bro. That’s crazy, I’m 29 too! Just wanna say congrats, bro. Happy anniversary, man. Salut!

Bushman captured the footage with a message to Em:

Dear Eminem,
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for being a crucial part of my legacy. I remember when you would be in the lobby of the station when I was coming to work. When you made it, you never forgot me!

Much appreciation,

In New Video, Eminem Saluts Bushman on His Show 29th Anniversary

Evidently, Eminem has not forgotten him at all. And the support was mutual. Bushman allowed Eminem on air to introduce new songs. And then, Eminem secured Bushman a cameo in “8 Mile”. He acted as himself, and it was another sign of Detroit’s authenticity that made “8 Mile” remarkable. Here is a photo of Eminem discussing the making of “8 Mile” with Bushman in the WJLB studio.

Watch the video below:

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