Royce gave a stern answer to another rando on the Internet who doubted that Eminem does not do anything for the community.

The Detroit rapper commented on The Game’s manager Wack 100’s Instagram post, which exposed Benzino as a snitch. Wack has his own bone to pick with Benzino and has been getting more and more vocal lately. Royce, who tries to distance himself from a new clusterfuck of Benzino’s beef, still has his own thoughts and feelings about the man, which he shared with Wack:

Man ain’t nothing to be throwing lead at… He’ll make sure his nephew get thrown in the pokey and then sleep like a baby so he can wake up tomorrow and go to the only place that believes he would crack a 🥚.. The white boy comment section… smh…

It didn’t take long for a Benzino defender to show up with their usual bag of tricks borrowed from Zino. They called Royce a “coattails rider”, waved an old story about “racist tapes”, and claimed that Eminem had never done anything for a culture. Well, they were in luck, as Royce actually works for the Marshall Mathers Foundation and was in the mood to give a short lesson. He responded:

Well, I’m a Chief executive to the Marshall Mathers Foundation so I can answer that… My job is to make sure funds are disseminated to the right places and in the right amounts… Ever since the Pandemic there’s a fund in place that is set aside specifically for Black and Brown issues in underserved communities… Starting in Detroit… I’ve already spearheaded a Mental Health initiative… Dollar amounts are millions and higher… And yes, you do have to mention Post Malone and others… Fun Fact: Every single lyrical rapper got a record deal in Detroit after Em blew up… Everybody… Name another White rapper with multiple bros around him who are all touching 7 or more figures? And when you realize there are none, maybe you’ll address them… And tell Zino to stop saying Interscope “put black people around him.” That’s ridiculous…

Sometimes, Marshall’s decision to be humble and quiet about all the good work he is doing for the community conceals his efforts. People who brag are louder than people who care. People who hate Eminem will prefer to forget this lesson as soon as possible. But for us who support him, that was an important and inspiring message.

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