Eminem, 2009
Eminem, 2009

Marshall’s sixth studio album is also his eighth to reach this milestone on the streaming platform.

Technically, Spotify counts streams for “Relapse: Refill”, the official “Relapse” re-release, which had an additional nine-track long disc with nine new tracks: five previously unreleased songs, two bonus tracks that were released on the Deluxe version, and the single “Forever” (originally on the “More Than a Game” soundtrack) and “Taking My Ball” (released with DJ Hero).

“Forever” is the most popular song on the album. This epic all-stars collaboration between Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem has gained almost 495 million streams on Spotify over its life span. The second most track is “Beautiful” with over 30 million, closely followed by “Crack A Bottle”, which has almost 240 million plays to its name.

Listen to the album below:

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