Mickey Redmond spotted a sign praising Eminem and shared a story of their interaction.

A fan showed up at the Detroit Red Wings ice hockey game holding a sign that read: “The only good thing about Detroit is Eminem”. The veteran commentator did not question the intentions behind this statement but revealed that he has a souvenir from Eminem somewhere in his house:

You know what Eminem’s… you know, the other name he goes by? Slim Shady. One time he signed a picture for me one time. It’s tucked away now. He signed it. Dr. Tony Colucci was there, he’s a good friend of Eminem. Eminem didn’t know who I was, and I didn’t know who he was, but he signed the picture. Tony laughed his butt off and then I said, “Wait a minute, I thought his name was Marshall Mathers!” But that was his alter ego, Slim Shady. I know you are watching tonight’s game, Eminem!

Eminem probably did, as he is known to be interested in sports and supporting local teams. And apparently, he is even friends with Dr. Colucci, the Red Wings physician from the times when there were still people who didn’t know Eminem.

Watch the video below:

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