There are only 30 acts with the number of streams on Spotify that surpass 10 billion. With over 18,8 billion plays Eminem is high up on that list.

Queen at No.30 with 10,169,650,565 (as of June 24) is the only legacy act on this chart. Everybody else is active and the vast majority started their career in the industry after the digital revolution. However, Eminem, the most experienced artist on this list, shows competitive numbers winning over Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar by a long shot.

The current list of the artists with over 10 billion streams on Spotify (lead credits) is based on numbers provided by Chartmasters. org:

1 Drake 31,559,189,932
2 Ed Sheeran 25,056,894,246
3 Post Malone 19,905,338,586
4 Eminem 18,812,219,991
5 Ariana Grande 18,168,745,733
6 Justin Bieber 17,243,900,562
7 The Weeknd 16,504,374,628
8 J Balvin 16,037,299,053
9 Bad Bunny 15,085,822,554
10 Kanye West 14,112,544,052

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