The most successful troll in the industry has his eyes on an iconic 50 Cent’s track “Many Men” produced by Eminem for Fif’s groundbreaking album “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’”.

He revealed it during his Instagram live conversation. As XXL reported, 6ix9ine said “I wanna make a ‘many men, wish death ’pon me…,’”, while trying to sing the hook for the track. After being reminded a new version of the track is about to be released on Pop Smoke’s posthumous album, Tekashi pulled out the unreleased track on YouTube (he apparently has no idea how to deal with ads on YouTube) and mimed singing, repeating “that shit is hard”.

Well, it is true that 6ixty9ine recruited some first-rank stars to work with – his recent collaboration with Nikki Minaj and an upcoming one with Akon are just two examples of what might be more to come. However, it is unlikely that 50 Cent, who used to call 6ixty9ine his son, will go down this road. In one of his recent interviews he said that while he understood why 6ixty9ine snitched, he personally would not work with him.

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