The supergroup of three talented producers [Mr. Porter, Dem Jointz, and Focus], Read The PDF comes out with a smashing new single supported by stunning visuals provided by director and 3D artist, Raed Al Murish. “The Time” by Read The PDF combines elements of electronic, pop, and hip-hop music.

This track is the second single from the new project by Read The PDF “BY THE TIME YOU LOOK UP N.C. WHAT WE DOIN'”.

It carries a positive and upbeat energy, with catchy melodies and layered instrumentals. The music video created by an up-and-coming director, Raed Al Murish, reinforces the punchy beats and vocals. Vibrant visuals and futuristic elements complement the song’s themes of embracing change and living in the present moment.

The song has all the ingredients to become a club banger. It seamlessly combines elements of electronic, alternative pop, and hip-hop music. The energy of the track gradually builds up from subtle instrumental hints at the beginning to an energetic ensemble, reaching its crescendo, supported by the electrifying and inspiring ‘running man’ visuals.

Speaking beyond production-wise, “THE TIME” features some witty lyrics as well. It seems Mr. Porter’s time with Eminem paid off, and he took notes from his playbook.

The lyrics highlight the significance of self-reflection and learning from experiences. It encourages listeners to not dwell on mistakes but rather view them as stepping stones for personal growth. The song also visualizes the transient nature of time and reminds us to seize the present instead of ruminating on the past or worrying about the future.

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