Marshall has brought up three children and was a legal guardian of his brother Nate Kane, who lived with them since his teens. On the latest episode of Halie’s podcast, she talks with Nate about growing up together and where his life has taken him.

Describing him as a bruncle (brother-uncle), because of their warm relationship, Hailie prompted him to talk about some old shenanigans.

At the age of twelve, Nate dyed his hair blond and, convinced by his prankster-cousin, also dyed his eyebrows. He wanted to look like his brother but the result was not exactly satisfying.

Later, Nate used to borrow Marshall’s clothes because he had just too much and didn’t wear most of them. They were way too big for a teen but Nate felt stylish.

The general audience, no matter where they were attracted or appaled by the controversial persona, which Eminem presented on stage, could hardly imagine how good Eminem was as a father, agree both Hailie and Nate.

Hailie: A lot of people were concerned that he wasn’t gonna be a good dad or something.

Nate: Oh yeah. I mean, going off of lyrics and everything I could see that.

Hailie: But here we are. You also turn out good.

Nate: He was the best role model I could have had to help me be the dad that I am today.

Hailie: It’s kind of cool too because something I always appreciated was that dad was young when he had me and mom too. I remember when I was little I always played with baby dolls. I was obsessed. I thought they were real, I wanted to have a baby. And I always would be like, I’m gonna have kids when I’m 20. Which clearly didn’t happen.

Nate: Just don’t throw your babies in the fan and cuss.

Hailie: You would always say that to me! “I’m gonna throw your babies in the fan and cuss!” No, you’re not!

But to tease his little niece was not the priority in Nate’s life. He has discovered the love of music inside and has the best teacher right here, under the same roof. The one who had already been a global superstar. Nate explains:

I started getting into music writing at a very young age. Just writing on pieces of paper, trying to learn raps and stuff like that. As I got older and wanted to think about doing it as a career I learned from your dad, my brother, how to do music and how to write. Formulas, compound syllables, whatnot. Tested it out in the beginning, getting comfortable with my voice, and from there I started looking around for beats, and whatnot. I started recording and getting a feel for my songs — how I would deliver on them and how that would formulate to whether people would enjoy it. I knew that was going to be a comparison. “Hey, how does he sound compared to his brother? Does he have the same formula? Does he have the syllables? Is he a battle rapper, is he a freestyler? What can he do? Can he compare to that? Is he on that level? Can he be above that?” And it was never about that. It was more about just having fun and being able to be around music.

Eventually, Nate found a good balance between making and enjoying music and staying away from the mindless weight of expectations that people were eager to load on him. He has recorded some bangers (“Slide On Over” is much loved by his family), he’s DJing, and he’s acting. Marshall has given him not only knowledge about music, but also a sense of security, confidence, and the strength of character to be himself.

Watch Nate Kane – Slide On Over (Official Music Video) here >>>

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