Years of hard work have resulted in a full-size debut album for NASAAN. It’s time for him now to get feedback from uncle Marshall.

Proof’s son has got love for hip hop, talent, and tenacity running through his veins. He also gets support from his father’s friends. Eminem, for instance, shows a lot of appreciation to NASAAN, as the younger rapper shared earlier:

so crazy cuz i feel old af (22) and get mad i’m not a megastar but then ill talk to Em and he’ll be like “Man, i wish i was where you were when i was your age or that advance musically”

Shit makes me feel alottttttttt better

Marshall does not say things to just cheer up his best friend’s son, he gives NASAAN detailed feedback on his music. The way he did when NASAAN dropped “Busy” in the summer of 2021:

Marshall really liked your new song. He said to tell you he loves the hook, you got the syllable game down, your delivery is on point and he loves how u switch up the flows a lot.

Eminem and Mr. Porter Show Love to New Nasaan’s Single

At about the same time NASAAN revealed that he recorded a song with Eminem. This resulted in the fans’ frenzy when everybody started pestering a rising Detroit star about a release date. But NASAAN has weathered this storm and didn’t cave in to pressure.

And yet, it looks like the wait is almost over. NASAAN, who has spent a lot of time working on his album in Atlanta, is heading home with a finished record, his debut album “error 404”. He is eager to hear judgement from Paul Rosenberg, Royce da 5’9, and, of course, Eminem.

Hopefully, everything went just fine and we’ll be able to hear the album soon.

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