The young Detroit rapper is ready to drop a new project next week.

In a short series of tweets, Nasaan announced that the next Friday he releases three songs that will remind us how skilful and fiercely natural is this talented son of his talented father:

I’m a rapper again next Friday 🤞
3 song release

Nasaan has had a challenging year, having overcome coronavirus infection back in 2020. The traces of his struggles could sometimes find their way onto his social media. But even then, Nasaan would focus on the positivity of overcoming them. For instance, earlier this year, he shared how Eminem supports him and helps maintain a healthy perspective:

so crazy cuz i feel old af (22) and get mad i’m not a megastar but then ill talk to Em and he’ll be like “Man, i wish i was where you were when i was your age or that advance musically”

Shit makes me feel alottttttttt better

So, let’s see what Nassan has in store for April 9. Meanwhile, you check out his latest single “Illuminati”:

Or listen to Nasaan freestyling over Eminem’s beats below: