New Leaked Photos Spark Rumours That Eminem Works On “Music To Be Murdered By” Deluxe Edition

Marshall’s most recent studio album has hit a new streaming milestone.

MTBMB achieved the previous one, 3.2 billion, in the end of March, which means that in just two months the albums has gained 100 million streams.

Now, “Music To Be Murdered By”, released in January 2020 (and its deluxe version, “Music To Be Murdered By”, in December of the same year) becomes Em’s fifth album to earn this mileston.

This is how the streaming ranking of Eminem’s albums on Spotify looks like currently:

1. The Eminem Show — 5.5 billion
2. Recovery — 3.7 billion
3. The Marshall Mathers LP — 3.54 billion
4. The Marshall Mathers LP2 — 3.4 billion
5. Music To Be Murdered By — 3.3 billion
6. Kamikaze — 3 billion
7. Encore — 2.3 billion
8. Relapse — 1.88 billion
9. Revival — 1.82 billion
10. The Slim Shady LP — 1.3 billion

Listen to “Music to Be Murdered By” below:

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