Australian pop singer-songwriter Dean Lewis talks how his first commercialy successful single, certified 8x Platinum in Australia “Be Alright”, was influenced by Eminem.

He touched upon this topic in his recent interview with Canadian IheartRadio:

Eminem. I used to listen to him and D12 with my brother growing up. You sort of hear his influence in “Be Alright”. It’s sort of rappy. Tt’s not rappy, it’s like aspoken word style and I sed that. I have a song called “Hurtless” where I did that again. You know, with a song structure with verses they are usually melodic and the same. But with “Be Alright” I was writing the words and when the producers are pushing record I was like, how do I make those words fit into the song? So it’s the weird puzzle of things you could never really I’ve tried to do it again a couple of times and sometimes it’s awful. But sometimes that little spoken word flow thing that a lot of people do, it can really work. It’s made my sound a little bit different. It’s hard to be different in the singer-songwriter world. It’s like, guitar, piano, voice. How do you have your own thing? That’s for me is one of the things that’s my point of difference a little bit.

Tht’s quite a deep take on how Marshall’s approach to storytelling shapes his flow and his music and how Dean Lewis picked up and utilised that technic in a completely different genre. A host lightened the mood asking about Dean’s go to Eminem karaoke song. The young artist quicly chose between mssive Marshall’s hits:

Oh, that’s a though one. The one that kicks in my head right now is “I’m not afraid to take a stand”… Oh, no, no, “Lose Yourself”! 100 per cent. Mom’s spaghetti, let’s go.

Watch the video below:

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