Eminem’s “Encore” Has Reached 900 Million Streams on Spotify

There are six Eminem’s songs charting on the Spotify Daily Top Songs Global. All of them are moving up the list, but “Mockingbird” is the fastest.

In one day, “Mockingbird” gained over 1.1 million streams and jumped 39 spots to No.102. It had an even better day than “The Real Slim Shady” and was only slightly behind the people’s favourite, “Without Me”.

Here are charting songs from Eminem’s catalogue with a number of streams and position changes from October 17:

89 (+15) “Without Me” — 1,192,580
102 (+39) “Mockingbird” — 1,134,182
121 (+14) “The Real Slim Shady” — 1,061,050
142 (+19) “Superman” — 990,474
161 (+30) “Lose Yourself” — 940,980
184 (RE-ENTRY) “Till I Collapse” — 871,539

Listen to Eminem — “Mockingbird” on the album below:

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