After over a year of undisputed dominance, “Mockingbird” is starting to lose momentum and lets other classic tracks regain their lead on Spotify.

Until 2022, while being a lyrical masterpiece, “Mockingbird” had been enjoying moderate streaming success on the platform. For instance, it took a year from April 2021 to April 2022 to gain 100 million streams and reach the 600 million streams milestone. But then, everything has changed. A new generation discovered the song and brought it to TikTok, and “Mockingbird” captivated their imagination. The song’s popularity has grown explosively. In October 2023, the song entered the Spotify chart for the first time in history, and it still remains there now, for 398 days in a row. The track has gained 1.39 billion streams and is closing on a new milestone.

However, its enormous popularity is beginning to settle. For a couple of days now, “Mockingbird” was being streamed less than “Without Me”, which used to be one of the songs that topped Em’s personal chart on the streaming platform earlier. On November 15, “Mockingbird” was streamed 1,245,895 times, while “Without Me” gained 1,265,784 plays on the same day.

The difference is not huge, but it shows the trend. So, it seems like “Mockingbird” is going out of fashion among youngsters. Let’s see what Gen Z discovers next from Em’s vast catalogue.

Meanwhile, listen to “Mockingbird” on the album below:

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