Marshall’s song from “Encore” has met a new significant streaming milestone.

At the beginning of last October, “Mockingbird” was nowhere near Eminem’s Spotify Top 10 and had around 650 million streams. Things started changing rapidly when the echo of the song’s TikTok popularity reached streaming platforms, and “Mockingbird” broke into the Spotify chart. The tack steadily grew in popularity and eventually reached No.20, gaining over 2.3 million streams a day, a million more than “Without Me” was getting at that time. At some point, “Mockingbird” was most played hip hop song on Spotify.

“Mockingbird” was pocketing 100 million streams a month, while before that, it took it a year to accumulate the same amount. In the process, the song marked its 1 billion streams milestone and has become Marshall’s fifth most streamed track on Spotify of all time. Recently, it has surpassed 1.4 billion lifetime streams.

Now, the song is on a downward trend but still gaining over 1 million streams daily, which is currently Em’s second most streamed song. It stepped down to allow “Without Me” to regain its streaming leadership.

Here are the Top 5 currently most streamed Eminem songs on Spotify.

Listen to “Mockingbird” on the album below:

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