MMLP2 is Marshall’s second album on the list of the most streamed albums in Spotify history. He is the only artist on the list who came to success in the pre-streaming era.

Not unlike the Top 100 most-streamed songs list, which Eminem inhabited recently, Top 100 albums are jammed with young streaming sensations, dominated by Drake, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Kendrick Lamar and such.

Marshall is the only person there who started a career by recording and selling his own cassette tapes. Released in 2002, “The Eminem Show”, which is rated 73rd on this list with 3.17 billion streams, is also the oldest there.

Now, MMLP2 joins its older brother at No.100 with 2.7 billion streams. The album has replaced Ellie Goulding’s “Delirium” on the list.

The longer Spotify history goes, the more albums with a real replay value will reside on this list.

Listen to the album below: