Having switched genres to pop-punk, Machine Gun Kelly still wants to rap, it seems, and teamed up with Cordae to show it.

In a surprising collaboration, MGK and Cordae teamed up in MGK’s backyard to film a freestyle over Central Cee’s “Doja”. MGK called it “The Cypher”, probably aiming at another record — the smallest cypher in history.

This retired rapper posted a video on his YouTube channel, otherwise filled with his pop videos, and got a full-blown support from his dedicated audience. Hip hop people learned about this unexpected collaboration, though, from Cordae’s Instagram. Cordae posted only his verse, so his audience only saw MGK as a hypeman, and still, it was enough to inspire an onslaught of jokes about Kelly’s past, present, and future in rap.

Cordae is probably the only artist who has collaborated with both sides of that famous “Killshot” beef, recording a verse for Em’s “Killer” Remix and then getting Marshall on the “Parables” remix. And now, this.

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