News outlets draw attention to an upcoming Mariah Carey’s book by insinuating that her revelations will make Eminem very upset.

The award-winning singer made an announcement about her book release on her Instagram account a couple of weeks ago. Seemingly, that was not enough to spark public interest, otherwise how you explain this classic move with undisclosed sources anonymously dumping insinuations onto a gossip sheet.

This is exactly what happened yesterday, when US weekly published some exclusive insider’s comments about Eminem’s alleged reaction to whatever confessions Mariah is planning to make:

Eminem’s Achilles heel has always been Mariah Carey. They had a very toxic relationship. He knows that Mariah is going to say very negative things about him. He is expecting the onslaught, and almost welcomes it.
Marshall is stressed out that Mariah is going to say s–t that he was bad in bed or a selfish lover because he has always been very insecure about that. She knows that.

That is an interesting take. Seems like Mariah is ready to admit the relationship with Marshall that she has publicly denyed for years. At the same time, Marshall, however brutal he was in their exchanges on wax, was always careful when he talked about her as a person. And at the end of the day, it is difficult to imagine that anyone can say anything bad about Eminem that Eminem has not said about himself yet.

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