Call For MTBMB Producers & Team To Help The Album Debut On Top Of Billboard 200

First week sales of Eminem’s “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B” exceeded media expectations for 15-20,000 units.

The initial industry estimations for Mashall’s latest LP were set around 70-80,000 activity units. While these numbers would be a dream come true to any deluxe album, Eminem fans wanted more for Marshall and mobilised to boost the album performance.

By spreading awareness and organising streaming parties, the fans improved the numbers to the extent that the main source of chart prediction, HitsDailyDouble corrected its estimations to 85-90,000 units.

The reality was even more rewarding, as M2BMB ended up in the Billboard 200 Top 3.

Yes, its charting position has not changed from the predicted third place. However, that was the uphill battle that Eminem’s label did not even plan to win. Taylor Swift, the 21st-century darling had even better numbers than before due to her physical album copies counted in and sir Paul McCartney, a legendary Beatle with a brand new album debuting that week had pre-sales for the album open in advance. That’s a miracle that a deluxe edition was even able to get close to those two, having vaulted record 196 slots up the Billboard 200.

Listen to “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B” below:

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