Eminem’s “Music To Be Murdered By” jumps 196 points up on the Billboard 200, breaking the record set by Bob Dylan in 1970.

Bob Dylan’s “Self Portrait” debuted at No. 200 in July 1970 and leapt up to No.7 on its second week. For 50 years that was the biggest distance that an album was able to travel up in one week. Now it is exceeded by Eminem’s new album.

His “Music To Be Murdered By” debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 in January and stayed on the chart for a year, slowly drifting down without any meaningful promotional support.

Until the deluxe version of the album was released on December 18 of the same year. “Music To Be Murdered By” Deluxe Edition was extended with the complementary LP “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B”.

In one week the album went up 1,125% in US unit sales this week and earned over 82 million streams. These are extraordinary numbers for a deluxe version.

As a result, “Music To Be Murdered By” has risen to No.3 11 months after its release, 196 points up.

Listen to “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B” below:

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