Eminem - “Godzilla” feat. Juice WRLD Sold 6.3 Million Units Globally

New Eminem’s playlist on Spotify is not created on Eminem’s account.

Recently, the official Shady Records social media accounts introduced a new playlist, Level Up. While the main question is why do we need a new playlist of old songs instead of a new record, there are some other points that puzzle Eminem fans.

For example, what is this account that created it? It looks like Marshall’s official Spotify residency but you will see the difference if you look closer. First of all, a cover photo is different. The official Eminem account uses it on his “About” page nd I looks familiar but is certainly different from what you see on his main page. Secondly, it only has 47.9 thousands followers and tree playlists published. That’s it, that’s all the music. Why “EMINEM, Level Up” is created and hosted on this account, whuch, by the way, is sporting an official blue check, is anybody’s guess.

Another weird thing about this playlist is its cover. As The Mainly Eminem Podcast Twitter account spotted, the font used on the cover is painfully similar to the Donkey Kong font.

Yes, it is well known that Donkey Kong is one of Em’s favourit games. But what is the point in styling a playlist like this? Suggestions that Eminem will write a soundtrack for a new Donkey Kong installment do not deserve serious attention. To accept all of this as a coincidence or “just fun” doesn’t feel natural, especially coming from this artist, who used to set up elaborate cryptic promo campaigns for his albums to signal a beginning of a new era in his music.

We can only wait and hope that time is in our side.

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