Comedian and TV host Jonathan Ross had Eminem over to his show twice and had him over at his home once. He was flustered, and Eminem was extremely polite.

Ross went down memory lane, speaking to his daughter Honey, who was present during the described event and still bursts into laughter remembering it. She posted a segment from the first episode of their upcoming podcast “Reel Talk”.

Honey: Do you remember when Eminem came around to the house?
Jonathan: And I showed him in the house, and I showed him in the laundry room.
Honey: You showed him the laundry room!!!
Jonathan: And I said to myself. “Why did you show him the laundry room?”
Honey: It was so embarrassing!
Jonathan: I don’t know! I was showing him the house, and he came into the laundry room, followed by his minder, who followed him around the house. Very sweet guy. They both came in, and I said, “This is where we do the washing”. He said, “nice, nice”. “This is a special cabinet for drying”. And the bouncer guy went, “Hmm, you dry stuff in there?” I said, yeah, yeah. He went, “Hmm, cool”.

A drying cabinet was not the only peculiarity that Jonathan introduced Eminem to. He also gave Em the first taste of Cherry Diet Coke.

Jonathan: He had never had a Cherry Diet Coke before, and we had Cherry Diet Coke in the fridge. And Eminem was so polite. Every time he came into the room, he asked if he could sit down. “Can I sit down?” Of course you can sit down, you are a guest.” Jonathan added.

Watch Eminem’s spot on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show in May 2009 below:

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