With his first album released in the 1990s and the latest in 2020, Eminem remains one of the most in-demand hip hop artists.

His monthly audience on Spotify is second to Drake’s only and bigger than that of Travis Scott or Kanye West. These numbers naturally correspond with the amount of streams the rappers get on the platform. In September, we reported on the total number of streams accumulated by hip hop artists through 2023 by that moment, and the same three names came up on top.

This time, however, the order is different as it reflects the number of people tuned in to listen to an artist in 30 days. And, of course, pop-acts habitually have a more extensive audience. On the list of artists of all genres, Drake holds No.3. He, Eminem, and Travis Scott are the only rappers who have made it to the Top 20 general list.

So, at the moment, the list of Top 5 rappers with the most monthly listeners on Spotify currently (and their ranking on the general list) looks as follows:

3. Drake 86.6 million
17. Eminem 62.6 million
19. Travis Scott 60 million
22. 21 Savage 58.5 million
23. Kanye West 58 million

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