Ex-Slaughterhouse MC revised the list of 32 rappers to narrow it down to the best one for Complex Brackets. He shot Eminem down in the first round.

Usually, Complex offers a list of 16 rappers from this game, but this time, for Joe Budden and this very serious title, a host let Joe select the lineup of 16 from 32 hip hop artists. Budden made some tough choices, like putting Pusha T over Kanye or Jay-Z over Nas, before facing a stand-off between J. Cole and Eminem.

Joe didn’t miss a bit passing on Marshall. He paid Em a clipped compliment modelled after his previous praise to Jay-Z, who, apparently, “left earth” in his verse on “God Did”. But it did not sway Joe’s opinion:

Em left earth one time, but that needs to be more consistent for me. J Cole is doing it while playing basketball. Cole’s last album for me is chef’s kiss. I haven’t gotten that from Em in a little bit. Not saying that he’s incapable of doing that, but I haven’t gotten that.

Watch the video below:

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