Nobody wants to get on Slim Shady’s bad side, especially when his daughter is considered.

Earlier this month, Hailie Jade got engaged to her boyfriend Evan McClintock. They have been together since college and recently Hailie even started to think that he would never pop the question. However, he was going to do so and took time and effort to make everything by the book. And one of the very important steps on his road to marriage was to get official permission from his girlfriend’s father. The fact that this father is Eminem might have made things just a little bit trickier.

Still, Evan persevered and seized a moment alone with Marshall at Hailie’s birthday party. He told this story on Hailie’s Just a Little Shady podcast:

Yeah, it was over the holidays. I was just looking for an opportunity not to make it too obvious. I saw your dad go downstairs and I thought, ‘Alright. I got to do it right now or I am not doing it today. I am going to have to schedule some other time. So I just followed him downstairs and thankfully, he was just down there, grabbing your cake.

While Eminem is a trickster but most probably he didn’t joke around in this situation. All his fans know he takes his daughter and all that is related to her very, very seriously.

Watch the video below:

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