Having left the collaboration with Ed Sheeran from “Revival” behind, “Godzilla” is now the 6th most popular Em’s song on the platform.

At the moment, the top 10 of the most streamed Marshall’s tracks look like this:

1. Lose Yourself (Curtain Call: The Hits) — 1,127,324,676 streams
2. ‘Till I Collapse (The Eminem Show) — 1,057,660,870 streams
3. Without Me (The Eminem Show) — 810,555,126 streams
4. Love The Way You Lie (Recovery) — 793,667,463 streams
5. Rap God (The Marshall Mathers LP2) — 721,402,329 streams
6. Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD) (Music To Be Murdered By) — 651,623,450 streams
7. River (feat. Ed Sheeran) — 650,434,716 streams
8. The Monster (The Marshall Mathers LP2) — 642,522,586 streams
9. The Real Slim Shady (The Marshall Mathers LP) — 635,896,519 streams
10. Not Afraid (Recovery) — 557,539,586 streams

It is symbolic that around the same time Eminem’s most recent album “Music To Be Murdered By”, which has 1,968,776,621 streams, overtook his greatest hits compilation “Curtain Call: The Hits” that counts 1,958,327,089 streams on Spotify.

Listen to “Music to Be Murdered By” below: