On the last day of 2019 French Montana and 50 Cent went into a fight over expensive cars. French Montana proudly posted a video of his new Bugatti, which, as 50 Cent pointed out, was not that new. Fif, who flaunted his 2020 Bugatti just a day earlier, mocked French and his 2008 model.

French stated that his 2008 Veyron is a vintage car and called Fif back a rat and a dinosaur.

50 seemingly let that slip and posted his call for positivity in 2020. But his patience did not last long. Today he published two audio clips of his phone conversation with someone, who claimed that the model French Montana proudly owns, does not have a SatNav or a USB port and that Montana took a 60 months loan to buy it. 50 requested the paperwork on that loan to post it publicly.

That clearly hit the nerve as French Montana not only started posting car prices on his Instagram. He decided to aim low and posted that infamous photomanip of 50 Cent kissing Eminem in the studio.

His descent into the realm of racial and homophobic insults was hasty. Seems like a new one is going down in the flames while we can still see smoke over the ashes of Em’s previous opponent.

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