Eminem’s fifth studio album released in November 2004 became his ninth album to hit the 1.1 billion mark on Spotify.

“Encore” bears all the marks of the difficult time Eminem was going through and was met with hostility by critics. Still, there are songs on it that aged well and fans keep coming back to revise it.

Here is the list of Eminem’s albums on Spotify rated by the number of streams:

1. The Eminem Show 2,453,896,513
2. The Marshall Mathers LP2 2,414,278,461
3. Recovery 2,204,825,702
4. Kamikaze 1,848,415,139
5. Curtain Call 1,589,375,166
6. The Marshall Mathers LP 1,416,987,694
7. Revival 1,379,919,287
8. Relapse: Refill 1,132,718,784
9. Encore 1,101,185,041
10. Music To Be Murdered By 890,744,259
11. The Slim Shady LP 717,346,034

Listen to the album below: