World Premiere: Boogie feat. Eminem - Rainy Days

The cryptic promo campaign for Boogie’s new release takes new turns.

After Shady Records posted on its official social media accounts the video with a staged Boogie’s abduction, Boogie himself posted the second instalment of the saga. In this video an eager fan played by a showman Fort Knox was forcing handcuffed Boogie to record new music because, and his sentiment echoes the question all Boogies’ fans around the world “How long has it been since you dropped some new shit?!”. The video ends up with Boogie’s promise to release new music and a nudge to fans to send texts in his support.

This message was amplified by Eminem, who appears sympathise to the drastic measure adopted in the video:

Whatever it takes to get @WS_Boogie to drop!

Well, it seems like it’s really happening! There is no release date, but the activity on Shady Records side is unprecedented, and it would not be too far off to expect the drop this Friday.

Teaser #2:

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