A ski mask and a toy gun kept Eminem’s crew on edge on the Japanese leg of the Anger Management Tour.

DJ Whoo Kid, who is not only a radio host on Shade45 but an artist signed to G-Unit, told a story about a very edgy type of prank that Marshall used to practice in the earlier 2000s. Or, to be specific, during the Anger Management Tour, when everybody stopped in Japan for two shows in Chiba’s Makuhari Messe Hall.

The story starts with a promising:

You know, toy guns in Japan look real.

I think we fell asleep. We were with some groupies. J just DJ’ed in front of Eminem so these girls were back there to fuck us. One of them had a friend and I tried to put a friend on Sha, but Sha fell asleep. Then we fell asleep, and the friend slept on the couch. We don’t lock our doors ‘cause Yakuza’s outside. But Eminem like at 3 A.M. was walking around hallways. He sees my door open and he kicks my door in. The girl that was on the couch wakes up. But Eminem has a mask and he just starts shooting. The girl sees it and she faints. She thought she was gonna get killed or something. She wakes us up from her faint and she’s screaming, she’s going crazy, like, “Someone’s trying to kill you, guys!” I think, well, maybe I look like Fifty, I don’t know! But somebody just shot in here! Then we call security, Yakuza, we call the police. And then the police came. They were looking around and nothing happened after that.

So, on day four, we are all in the Messe Hall, ‘cause Eminem’s shit is crazy. He has a video game room. When you tour with him it’s like a playland. So, in the room where we have to do a sound check and I’m telling everybody what happened, but he’s just sitting there, [running a check], like, whatever. He didn’t even respond to say that it was him that kicked the door in.

Then one night, like 2 a.m., I went to get Japanese coke [from a vending machine], and I saw Eminem kicking Proof’s door in and shooting. With a mask on. Four days later! He didn’t tell nobody that it was him while we were all scared!

He’s Eminem. He’s joking, he’s a kid. It was wild as shit and he never told us. Why he didn’t tell us so we could have no anxiety that people were trying to kill us?

The early 2000s were wild. But what is interesting is that while Shady was running around with a toy gun, Eminem was prolonging a prank by never revealing the identity of a “shooter”. He got his kick from remaining unknown but masterminding the whole situation. Doesn’t it remind you how Marshall prefers to stay in the shadows until this day?

Watch DJ Whoo Kid telling this story below:

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