Ca$his, the former Shady Records artist, recently discussed Benzino and his involvement in the track “Rap Elvis” during an interview on Wraps Interviews. Ca$his revealed that he has a potent diss track prepared for Benzino should he choose to respond.

According to Ca$his, Benzino mentioned him in the song as part of a diss aimed at Eminem. Ca$his expressed his lack of respect for this tactic, asserting that if Benzino had omitted his name, he might not have responded. However, given Eminem’s elevated status, Ca$his believes that Eminem won’t engage in a back-and-forth with Benzino.

Ca$his confidently stated, “We are up 2-0 right now.” He anticipates Benzino’s next move and is ready to strike again. Ca$his even challenges Benzino’s ghostwriters to step up, emphasizing that he’s not afraid to face them bar for bar. While he doesn’t specifically name Cassidy, Ca$his suggests that whoever the ghostwriter is, they’re also in his crosshairs.

Remaining fiercely loyal to the Shady Records legacy, Ca$his declares himself “Shady forever.” He played a pivotal role in popularizing the “Shady Gang” phrase and remains committed to the cause. As the lion awakens, Ca$his acknowledges Eminem’s status as one of the greatest of all time (GOATs), emphasizing that there isn’t a singular GOAT but that Eminem certainly belongs among them.

Ca$his Proclaims Eminem as One of the Goats. Threatens Benzino’s Ghostwriters [Maybe Cassidy?]
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