The original Eminem’s verse on Conway’s “Bang” was much more aggressive than on the final production.

Em did not hold back his punches stroking old beefs. Puff Diddy bears the brunt of Eminem’s wrath but other rappers associated with Diddy’s production company Revolt are not exempt from being read.

He starts with:

Yeah, shout to Puffy Combs, but fuck Revolt
Y’all are like a fucked up remote
Now I get it why our button’s broke
‘Cause you press him but he don’t do nothing though
‘Specially when it comes to punches thrown

Back in 2018, Diddy was going to “handle the situation” with Eminem implicating him in placing a hit on 2Pac. According to Joe Budden Revolt boss told him not to do anything as “It’s in his hands”. Nothing has happened since and Marshall reminds about it not so kindly. He could also refer to a notorious Joe Budden squabble with Migos on camera. Em definitely mentioned it later on the verse:

tell this journalist stick to the stuff he knows
Like always runnin’ from Migos

Full original version:

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