Internet personality, comedian, actor, host, and rapper, DC Young Fly came to prominence by roasting celebs on Instagram and Vine. So, it his reputation made a journalist naively confuse appreciation for Em with a diss.

HipHopDX sent a reporter to a red carpet to get soundbites from celebrity guests. For Young Fly, he had a question about hip hop: “What’s the rap verse that you ever remember knowing by heart?”

Our readers know the answer already. The young artist credits Eminem for igniting a spark in him and showing what real hip hop is. And his go-to Em’s number is “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”. About two years ago he said on camera:

I’m inspired by Eminem, – DC Young Fly said. – That’s the OG. He’s the reason I listen to hip hop, to be honest. I take all that black culture shit, which I am with, but Eminem is the reason I listen to hip hop. I was in fourth grade and I found his CD on the floor in my mama house. One of my sisters was listening to his crazy ass first. I played that shit and that motherfucker was snapping! I was like: “This is rap?! I love this shit!”

So, this time Young Fly didn’t have to think and started rapping “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” the same second he mentioned the name of an artist who impressed him:


I’m sorry, Mama
I never meant to hurt you

Then it became confusing. Young Fly jumped to the opening lines on the third verse:

I would never diss my own mama just to get recognition
Take a second to listen, who you think this record is dissin’

The rapper lost the line and asked his mates for a hint, dismissing the possibility that the reporter might know the lyrics from Marshall’s classic album, “The Eminem Show”. And wasn’t he right!

Looks like a hip hop journalist decided that “I would never diss my own mama just to get recognition” was Young Fly’s attempt to diss Marshall and titled the video “DC Young Fly Raps Eminem & Then Roasts Him”.

Let us fix that for you, a reputable hip hop media. “DC Young Fly Raps Eminem”. Period.

Watch the video below:

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