A battle rapper featured in Eminem produced movie “Bodied” claims that Em is in a perfect fighting shape.

In a series of tweets, Daylyt praised Marshall’s exquisite work on his recent albums and pointed out that COVID ear of battle rap suits Em as it welcomes lyricism.

The rapper shot three posts in quick succession:

Yo @Eminem is there was ever a time for u to come back and battle now would be the time! zero crowd to boo! And this COVID era of battle rap lives lyricism! Your style fits absolutely perfect for the now! As a super fan I would love to see u do one more for Hiphop! 💪🏿💪🏻

This proposition was met with roaring enthusiasm on Daylyt’s social media, with many fans professing their love and appreciation for Eminem. It is sad to see that somehow people made feel uncomfortable to admit that they like Em and Daylyt was there to stop the blame:

We are all fans of Em! We may troll him time to time but we are all super fans! Bruh the goat