The Wednesday Zoom hearing ended with a victory of prosecution, who convinced the judge to consider previous attempts of the accused to get into Eminem’s house.

It was disclosed earlier that in 2019 defendant Matthew David Hughes was looking for Eminem at the property that Marshall had previously owned. Matthew Hughes had been filmed ringing the doorbell and asking for Eminem and later was discovered sleeping on the property.

Detroit Free Press reports that attorney Richard Glanda objected to admitting the 2019 report as evidence, saying it would be “irrelevant that Mr Hughes went to other locations”.

The lawyer wanted the judge to focus solely on the incident that happened in April 2020, when Hughes broke into Marshall’s home in a gated Clinton Township community at night and, allegedly, threatening Eminem’s life.

However, the judge decided that the information about the 2019 incident is important because it demonstrates Hughes’s intent and state of mind.

The trial continues on May 21, impeded by the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

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