[World Premiere] Cordae — “Parables (Remix)” feat. Eminem

Everybody is a critic now. Some even forget that real creators and professionals might hear their bizarre opinions.

That was the situation with a guy who reviewed Cordae’s new album “From a Birds Eye View” on TikTok. He made fun of one particular Eminem’s line on his verse off “Parables (Remix)”:

Like Obama’s kids, I came outta my shell (Michelle)

“Ain’t no way Eminem thought this was an actual bar”, declared a TikToker. Well, there was an actual rapper nearby who educated him on the matter. Cordae himself showed up to tell him:

It is definitely a bar and I’m not just saying that cuz he on my album lol

That’s something to remember to all these Internet commentators – don’t be charmed by the volume of your voice. You need some substance to become an expert.

Listen to Cordae — “Parables (Remix)” feat. Eminem below: