The hip hop prodigy from Massachusetts just dropped his debut album “Pink Is Different” and explained how Marshall had influenced it.

We hear a lot of praise for Em’s lyrical talent and sharp rapping skills. Token pays attention to how Marshall is able to assemble a conceptual album and provide a whole, multi-dimensional experience to a listener. The young rapper got that side of Em’s talent very early. The project that opened his eyes was a cult classic, “Relapse”.

Token wrote about it on his YouTube channel:

I remember being in 3rd grade getting Eminem’s ‘Relapse’ CD as a gift. I was so excited that I read through the entire booklet. As a 9 year old, it helped me understand the project better. One regret I have is that I was never able to put a physical copy of my last project ‘Between Somewhere’ online. I made sure I didn’t make that mistake this time.

The story of ‘Pink Is Better’ has a lot of ideas and feelings to unravel. In the ‘PIB’ CD booklet, I have given context to each song along with what I was going through during each song’s creation. I hope it makes an impact on you as much as that Eminem CD made on me as a 3rd grader.

This is not the first time Token pays respect to Em. He had to explain his lyrics to Sway Calloway, the lyrics that many saw as a shot at Eminem: “That’s not a diss. I’d be stupid to come at someone who I grew up listening to, and I’m clearly influenced by”.

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