Since “Rap Radar” podcast and Complex [Brakets] host Brian “B. Dot” Miller published his take on the best rappers of 2021, he and rappers he named were in the centre of controversy.

Miller made a caveat that this list is “based on skill, performance, & presence” and is going to be revised in six months. The hip hop pundit puts Lil Baby atop the list, rates Conway the Machine and Benny the Butcher higher than Drake and Jay-Z, and concludes the list with Jim Jones.

Not everybody is happy about these rappers being included. Some have an issue with how MCs are rated inside the list; and the conversation on hip hop social media is becoming hostile. Conway, however, is not afraid of a challenge.

He took to Twitter to check his haters:

I see a lot Rappers mad about that list and makin posts and issuing challenges… listen the machine don’t duck NO reck… just @ me or Dm me and say u want smoke and u can get handled quick and clean (chris from the wire voice) and that’s goes for ANYBODY 🤖

The only criticism towards this list that he accepts is that women are completely omitted:

To be fair, Conway has done a lot to establish his presence in the game recently, dropping one impressive record after another and collaborating with both hot underground and well-established mainstream names.

Conway’s big Shady Records solo debut album is set to arrive later this summer, so he will probably cement his place on this list. The Buffalo MC is not going anywhere, but up.