The Griselda lyricist says that hearing from Eminem that his album is classic is more important than money.

Talking to Mal and Rory just after his Shady Records debut album “God Don’t Make Mistakes” dropped, Conway responded to Rory’s comment that Shady Records and Eminem do not work hard enough to promote and support their artists. The Buffalo artist understands where this question is coming from but personally does not share this attitude:

Honestly, I’mma keep it one hundred. I can’t really speak on how Paul and Em do business prior to me. I signed my deal in 2017. Y’all seen this shit that came out. I mean, we fulfilled our deal, but I was never in none of the meetings. I never read the paperwork. My thing was like, yo, I’m just focused on this. And I guess that’s what had my shit on the back seat. But as I said, I can’t speak on how they done business prior, or any other artists, or how they do or what they’re playing. I don’t know. I just know once I had my ducks in a row, once I jumped back in the driver’s seat — we made this shit happen. They’ve exceeded my expectations since I jumped in the driver’s seat. I can’t speak on the rest of the niggas that’s been signed. I just see things differently. I feel like you’re the captain of your own ship. Whatever decision you made, whatever you signed up for, you gotta live up to it. I ain’t complain about none of that shit. I ain’t make no bread when I’m out of these deals. I ain’t make no bread off Shady/Griselda/Interscope deal. But I don’t complain, I just jumped in the driver’s seat, and I’m doing good with my album. I got to shout out Paul and Shady. From what I see, Shady exceeded my expectations. Eminem called me like, “Yo, that shit is a classic, bro! I’m listening to classic here. I got two songs left, but you might have just low key dropped a hip hop classic”. Eminem told me like that. I don’t need no money now, that was it for me. That’s more than any check anybody could sign me cause I hold Em in that high regard. To even be part of this shit and have my name etched in that history book being part of his story now — that shit means a lot to me.

Watch the video below:

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