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ChartMasters, a website that presents a comprehensive analysis of streaming numbers and selective sales, made public the artist popularity ranking based on the audience engagement in 2021.

Basically, it measures how many times users visited an artist’s webpage. ChartMasters focuses on sales figures, not news items, so high profile artists have an article that summarises their performance, and maybe, like in Eminem’s case, a detailed analysis of their streaming and sales figures over the years. These views combined with search queries demonstrate the level of the audience interest towards featured artists, reflected in this new ranking now.

The ChartMasters’ Twitter account revealed the ten most popular artists, ranking Eminem at No.5:

He will turn 50 in 2022, but he is far from being over. The rap god continues to be incredibly strong as he has been our 5th most popular artist in 2021 with 36,124 visits, making him the #1 solo male artist

Marshall is also the No.1 hip hop artist on this chart, out of only two who made it to the Top 10.

ChartMasters’ artists of 2021:

1. Taylor Swift — 76,586 views
2. BTS — 65,497 views
3. Iron Maiden — 45,465 views
4. Lady Gaga — 40,111 views
5. Eminem — 36,124 views
6. Drake — 28,123 views
7. Ariana Grande — 27,011 views
8. Adele — 25,462 views
9. BLACKPINK — 25,008 views
10. Britney Spears — 24,568 views

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