It did not come as a surprise that Marshall’s project is the most exciting release of this week, according to Twitter trends.

We noticed earlier, that a joint with 50 Cent “Is This Love (‘09)” produced by Dr. Dre and a new remix on “Rap God” produced by DVLP & Mr. Cii were two songs from “Curtain Call 2” to gain the most attention from Twitter users. But of course, there were more Eminem-related items on today’s agenda.

Eminem and “Curtain Call 2” made it to the Twitter trends as hashtags. Meanwhile, “Relapse” has made a triumphant appearance in the conversation, thanks to “Is This Love (‘09)”, which brought back the vibe that everybody missed.

Eminem and “Curtain Call 2” Hijacked Twitter Trends

Listen to the compilation below: