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Having dissed Mell Mel on a previous feat, Eminem comes back with a solo track to destroy Benzino.

It’s been years since Slim Shady openly dissed Benzino. Benzino has spent these years spreading hatred and false narratives against Marshall. And finally, Eminem snapped.

The “Doomsday Pt.2” track was released on January 26 on the Lyrical Lemonade compilation album “All Is Yellow”. Most probably, it was recorded for Juice WRLD’s posthumous joint with Cordae, “Doomsday”, based on Eminem’s “Role Model” beat. For some reason, Em’s verse didn’t make it to a final cut, and now Cole Bennette has released it as a standalone number. It is the only theory that can explain why Eminem would reuse his old beat when he has no shortage of new ones. This theory also works when we remember how Em used his feature on new Shady Records’ signee Ez Mil “Realest” to swing at Melle Mel, who kept diminishing Marshall’s impact. “Doomsday Pt.2” also doesn’t have a chorus and runs for slightly over a minute, which supports the idea that it is a stump from a longer number.

But oh boy, does Marshall use this time to eviscerate his victim! From mocking Benzino’s appearance and contrapositioning him to a giraffe (the only thing Eminem is afraid of, according to his old interview) to making fun of his dire financial situation, Eminem didn’t miss a hit. He even brought Benzino’s daughter into the conversation – not as brutal, distasteful and disrespectful as Benzino did back in the day. In one line, Em implied that Benzino was not as good of a father as he tried to show, and he didn’t really live with his daughter, as she would only fit in the toilet in his living conditions. At the same time, he puts an end to any speculations about the possibility of working with Coi Leray — this prospect went down the toilet.

What also makes this track special is that Eminem’s delivery is icy cold and deliberately slowed down. For those who think that Em can “only rap fast” and do not make an effort to understand what he talks about, this flow is measured and precise, sending every word and every punchline right into the bullseye. Nobody can survive this assault.

But it’s not only that. At the very end, Eminem takes time to shout out his respect to Cole Bennett, who put this release together, to J.Cole, whom Marshall declares to be on the same level as him, and to Aftermath, the label Em has been running with for almost 25 years now.

“Doomsday Pt.2” is already available in Australia and New Zealand, and published the lyrics.

Listen to “Doomsday Pt.2” below:

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