Lyrical Lemonade director provides “Tobey” music video release with a background story.

Describing the hard work and meticulous planning involved in creating these visuals, Cole also mentioned that he started working on this one back in 2022 with BabyTron alone. They invited Big Sean to take part to celebrate Detroit’s unity, and then Cole had this daring idea to ask Eminem to hop on the track. He got in touch with Paul Rosenberg, and the rest is history.

The tobey video is finally out 🕷️ this one took a lot of intense planning, patience & persistence. We shot this 6 weeks ago and began editing it right away on set & have been working on it day in and day out until literally 2 hours ago. Shot entirely on blue screen with dialed in lighting set ups & static shots. @franklinspov and I locked ourselves in the hotel conference room for 3 days leading up to the video shoot preparing every moment within the video so we could be as efficient as possible since we only had one day to shoot this video. Explaining this video to concept to people wasn’t the easiest thing to do. As I was explaining it to Marshall he scratched his head and said “I guess I’m just going to have to trust you on this one.” I wanted to build out a video concept that felt like the video I did for “100 Bars” but something with a lot more planning & prep. I’m having fun with these stitched together one-take style videos. I want to do another one soon. The post work on this was like nothing I had ever experienced before. S/O to the VFX warriors (@the_frender , @maxcoltt , @aylo_edit , , @aid6n.edits , @ianlipton , @greyson.color , @kristaworby & many more) the creation of this song itself is a whole other story… I’ll keep it short. this song has been through so many chapters. starting all the way back at the end of 2022 when i started building out this song with Tron & Daniyel.. We eventually then had Big Sean hop on it as a moment for Detroit.. I then thought about the Hail Mary idea of trying to get Eminem on it.. Bringing 3 generations of Detroit together.. So I sent it off to Paul, they both loved it & the rest was history. It’s definitely been a roller coaster of a journey.. so this one finally being released to the world feels special. There’s a lot of small Easter eggs in this video + song.

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